From Grassroots Wakesuring Events To Competing With The Best Wakesurfers In The World

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World Series of Wake Surfing Events

These are our more seasoned events consistent of 3 levels:

Gold Level Events

Platinum Level Events

Diamond Level Events

Most events are live streamed and all require a minimum amount contributed towards the pro cash purse. 

All events use the CWSA's D.I.V.E. system to score the competition.


World Ranking System Qualified Events

These are our grass roots inspired events consistent of 2 levels:

Bronze Level Events

Silver Level Events


Not usually live streamed, only silver events require a minimum contribution towards the pro cash purse.

All events use the CWSA's world ranking system to score the competition.

The Purpose of the CWSA is:

  1. To promote high standards of conduct within the sport.
  2. To foster fair and consistent regulations and standard.
  3. To engage in any lawful activities that will tend to develop and promote the sport of wake surfing worldwide for the best interests of the sport, any membership, and the general​ public.
  4. To conduct successful wake surf events that foster its growth.
  5. Promote and maintain good relations within the watersports industry and economic well-being through commerce.
  6. To encourage safety in all aspects of towboat sports.
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The mission of our organization is to help promote surfing behind a boat, provide recommended, consistent, and fair standards governing wake surfing events and tournaments, and to provide effective communication regarding events and significant issues of interest to stake holders in the wake surfing industry.

Since 2012, the non-profit Competitive Wake Surf Association, Inc., with the assistance of the most experienced judges, wake surf athletes, equipment manufacturers and others involved in the sport, has carefully developed comprehensive competition rules, event guidelines and scoring tools and methods for the emerging sport of competitive wake surfing.  

We are actively involved in educating judges world wide for competitive wakesurf events, and annually it provides qualified judge teams and scores the athletes competing at the World Wake Surfing Championship.  

The CWSA also provides support to athletes, event organizers and other parties involved in supplying and participating in competitive wake surf events.  

Athlete ranking in the WRS is the primary criteria to qualify to be invited to compete in the most prestigious and competitive wake surfing event on the planet, the annual World Wake Surfing Championship.

In 2015, the CWSA developed the World Ranking System, which ranks wake surf competitors from all over the world based on their competition results in World Series of Wake Surfing and WRS Qualified events.

Since 2016, the CWSA has managed the World Series of Wake Surfing. 


Wakesurfing Rankings

The World Ranking System is a highly developed system of scoring, used to calculate an athlete's ranking against others in their division.

The system itself takes into consideration the athlete's previous year points and current year's points rewarded at each event based off of the athlete's ranking, the level of the event, and who competed at the event. 

For a more in depth explanation of how our athletes are ranked, click the button below!

Are You Interested In Becoming An Athlete?

We offer 5 different skill levels and 17 different divisions to compete in!

Don't understand what that means? Check out the information below!


Juniors is a combined gender and style division for all competitors under 13 years of age (12 or less). Age is determined by the 1st day of the calendar year. At the age of 13, the competitor will be asked to move up into Amateur, Outlaw, or Pro based on abilities preformed.


Minimum age for male athletes in 2017 will be 44 years of age, and minimum age for female athletes will be 35. The minimum age is increasing annually for males and anticipated to be capped at 45.  Age is determined by the 1st day of the calendar year.


Entry level Division for any competitor interested in testing their wakesurf abilities on a competitive level. We encourage first time competitors to join the ranks of the amateurs.


Intermediate to Advanced level riders considering making a run to eventually compete as a Professional Rider are recommended to enter our Outlaw Division. These riders show proficiency in their level of wakesurfing as well as capabilities of mastering Professional level abilities. These are our up and coming Professional competitors for the CWSA.


These are the innovators to the world of wakesurfing. These competitors show exceptional level of knowledge and abilities in the sport of wakesurfing. This group of riders is progressing the sport of wakesurfing every season. We expect our Professional riders to not only innovate but be role models for each Division mentioned above.

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