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The largest international organization for wake surfing enthusiasts and competitors alike.

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World Rankings

The CWSA World Ranking System (WRS) has been developed over time to accurately rank a competitor against others in their division.

Centurion Worlds Ft Lauderdale 2016

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We have 17 different divisions to compete in including a Juniors division and 4 masters divisions.

Professional Divison World Wake Surfing Championship Podium

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The Purpose of the

Competitive Wake Surf Association


    To promote high standards of conduct within the sport.


    To foster fair and consistent regulations and standards within the sport.


    To engage in any lawful activities that will tend to develop and promote the sport of wake surfing worldwide for the best interests of the sport, any membership, and the general public.


    To conduct successful wake surf events that foster the growth of the sport.

World Ranking System Qualified
World Series of Wake Surfing

    To promote and maintain good relations within the industry and its commerce.


    To encourage safety in all aspects of wake surfing.

Competitive Wake Surf Association



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