2019 WWSC Qualifying Criteria

March 27, 2019

Centurion & Supreme Boats, in conjunction with the Competitive Wake Surf Association, are excited to announce the qualifying criteria for the 2019 World Wake Surfing Championship.

There are Two (2) factors (event attendance, and rank in their division) that determine whether or not an athlete will be extended an invite to their division in Worlds.

The event attendance requirements are as follows:

  1. Pro Skill Level: Three (3) 2019 World Series of Wake Surfing Events.
  2. All Other Skill Levels: Two (2) 2019 World Series of Wake Surfing Events.

*There is no WRS Qualified Event requirements, however all WRS Qualified Event points are included in the WRS rankings.

Skill Level / GenderTop Ranked SkimTop Ranked SurfTop Ranked Juniors
Pro Men1010
Pro Women1010
Outlaw Men88
Outlaw Women88
Amateur Men88
Amateur Women88
Masters Men88
Masters Women66

In addition to meeting the above attendance requirements, an athlete must meet a rank requirement in their respective divisions in order to be extended an invite to the 2019 World Wake Surfing Championship. These rank requirements are detailed below.

The cutoff date for these criteria is Sunday, August 12, 2019 and any criteria met after this date will not be considered when invitations are sent out.

The following will happen in the event of a declined invitation:

  1. Fineline may, but is not required to, offer that invitation to the next ranked and qualified competitor in that same division.
  2. Fineline may, but is not required to, allocate any declined invitation to another division which would result in one more competitor in the other division.

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