Competitive Wake Surf Association Events

Check a complete list of our upcoming events. More information can be found by scrolling below. Be sure to check out our open event registrations and event results as well!

Offical Wakesurfing Competitions

Since 2012, The Competitive Wake Surf Association has been the sole developer of wakesurf events throughout the world. Our organization offers five different levels of competitions from grassroots to large scaled world competitions which is largely driven by the World Ranking System (WRS). Our WRS carefully ranks the athletes in all 17 of our divisions to determine who gets an invite to The World Wake Surfing Championship and who will ultimately win in their division!

Current Open Event Registrations

Checkout our events that we have open for registration. You must be a current CWSA athlete to compete.

Event Results

An athlete's rank in our events determine the points they receive and their overall division ranking.

Complete 2019 Event Schedule

See a complete list of our 2019 CWSA sanctioned events. We have over 30 events throughout the world.

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Click here to load this Caspio Cloud Database