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Why Are We Giving Away Free Wake Surf Boards?

In 2015, the CWSA came to me to do some simple work for them and in large measure because of that I now have my own business at 23 years old.

Thinking back on it, I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for my Dad getting me and my siblings a wake surf board back in 2012.

Because we enjoyed it so much, my Dad decided to reach out to pro wakesurfer Caroline Villeneuve for lessons. She accepted, flew down to Virginia from Canada and the rest is history!

My sister started competing and eventually became a pro, while my Dad became more involved in the sport.

My company, Online Marketing Ventures, is partnering with the Competitive Wake Surf Association to give a wake surf board to one lucky email subscriber every single month.

Our goal is to raise more awareness to the competitive side of the sport, and hopefully provide someone else an opportunity that they wouldn't otherwise have without a board.

Or who knows, maybe you already have a board and just want a newer and nicer board... either way, good luck!

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We Use The Internet To Grow Your Business