CWSA Elects New Directors and Officers

For the 7th year the Competitive Wake Surf Association (CWSA) elected it’s 2018 Officers and elected new Directors to fill vacancies. The CWSA prides itself in maintaining transparency in its operation, and in that spirit, is announcing the recent changes to the Board of Directors.

New directors for the 2018 competition year include: Sang Han Jung from South Korea, Samar Suleiman from Switzerland, Troy Mann and Jeff Walker both from the USA.  They will join existing directors Chris Bank from the USA, Chad Hudson from Canada, Alena Pishchulina from Russia, Jon Shields from the USA, Mike Viland from the USA and Caroline Villeneuve from Canada.

Additionally, the officers of the CWSA were elected, for a one-year term.  Jon Shields who has served as director and most recently the Secretary of the CWSA was elected President.  Chris Bank was re-elected as Vice President, Chad Hudson was re-elected as the Treasurer of the organization and Jeff Walker was elected Secretary.

The CWSA maintains several committees and the President, after due consideration and discussion, recommended the following committee staffing for the 2018 competitive season:


  1. Executive – Jon Shields, Chris Bank, Chad Hudson and Jeff Walker
  2. Marketing/Membership – Samar Suleiman, Sang Han Jung, Troy Mann, Trevor Miller and Mike Viland
  3. Safety – Mike Viland chair, Trevor Miller and Samar Suleiman
  4. Nominating – Jon Shields chair, Chad Hudson, Sang Han Jung, Alena Pishchulina and Caroline Villeneuve
  5. Budget – Chris Bank chair, Chad Hudson, Troy Mann, Jon Shields and Jeff Walker
  6. Judging and Scoring – Chris Bank, Sang Han Jung, Trevor Miller, Samar Suleiman, Mike Viland and Caro Villeneuve
  7. World Series of Wake Surfing – Chris Bank chair, Alena Pishchulina, Caroline Villeneuve and Troy Mann
  8. World Ranking System – Jon Shields chair, Chad Hudson, Mike Viland, Caro Villeneuve and Jeff Walker
  9. Wake Surf Awards – Caro Villeneuve chair, Sang Han Jung, Trevor Miller and Alena Pishchulina

“The 2018 competitive season will see the athletes continue to drive the sport forward with innovation, athletic skill and sportsmanship” stated 2018 President Jon Shields.  “I’m honored to be entrusted with the helm of the CWSA and look forward to a stellar year of athletic excellence and growth for competitive wake surfing worldwide.”

The Competitive Wake Surf Association (CWSA) is the leading authority on wake surf competition and maintains the World Ranking System which systemically ranks over 650 riders in various skill levels and age groupings of athletes from 26 Countries.  It is the only such wake surf specific ranking system in existence.

As always, the CWSA welcomes ideas and thoughts concerning competitive wake surfing, please address any such correspondence to

The CWSA Team