2018 World Wake Surfing Championship Invitation Criteria


Centurion & Supreme Boats, in conjunction with the Competitive Wake Surf Association, is proud to announce the criteria to qualify for an invitation to compete in the 2018 World Wake Surfing Championship on September 6, 7 and 8, 2018.


Qualifying Events Cutoff Date:           Sunday August 26, 2018.


Event Attendance Requirement:  To qualify for an invitation an athlete must compete in the following number of World Series of Wake Surfing events:


  1. Pro Skill Level:  Three (3) 2018 World Series of Wake Surfing
  2. All other Skill Levels: Two (2) 2018 World Series of Wake Surfing
  3. There is no WRS Qualified event attendance requirement, however, all WRS Qualified event points are included in the WRS rankings.


Invitation Criteria: In addition to meeting the event attendance requirement, an athlete must be top WRS ranked – 6, 8 or 10 – on the qualifying events cutoff date, in any Division below:


Skill Level/Gender Top Ranked Skim Top Ranked Surf Top Ranked Juniors
Pro Men 10 10  
Pro Women 10 10  
Outlaw Men 8 8  
Outlaw Women 8 8  
Amateur Men 8 8  
Amateur Women 8 8  
Masters Men 8 8  
Masters Women 6 6  
Juniors - Combined Gender and Board Type     8


Declined Invitations:


If invitation is declined for any reason, including a failure to timely register and pay the registration fee:


  1. Fineline may, but is not required to, offer that invitation to next ranked and qualified competitor in the division where the invitation has been declined; or
  2. Fineline may, but is not required to, allocate any declined invitation to any other Division.


All Athletes:  Athlete check-in and the mandatory rider’s meeting will occur in the afternoon on September 5, 2018. Please make your travel plans such to assure that you will arrive by 3:00 pm on September 5, 2018.  Information on the host hotel and other local accommodations in the Ogden Valley area will be posted in the near future.


Non-US Athletes:  Due to the late scheduled dates of the events in Geneva, Moscow and Seoul, and the potential for these events results to effect the WRS rankings and athlete qualification for the 2018 Word Wake Surfing Championship, the CWSA strongly encourages all non-US athletes who may require a visa to enter the US to apply for that visa now, so that if you qualify for the most prestigious wakesurf event in the World the lack of a visa will not prevent you from competing.



The Competitive Wake Surf Association Team



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