WRS Rule Changes for 2018

The CWSA completed a review of the World Ranking System (WRS) and has made some changes for the 2018 season to improve its performance in ranking the relative skill of athletes in a division for our growing ridership.

1. The calibration factor for 2018 is set at 500, unchanged from 2017.
2. The transfer factor of 0.4 discussed in section 9.2 will remain and be applied to all competitors calibrated base points who are moving from Amateur to Outlaw or Outlaw to Pro and all other voluntary permitted transfers.
3.  Competitors who are granted a waiver allowing them to avoid a mandatory move will be subject to a 30% reduction in their previous year’s base points. This will improve WRS performance and facilitate the growth and development of our ridership.

4. All competitor's current WRS points will be the average of the top 3 results, including previous year’s base points, except in the pro divisions it will be the average of the top 4 results. This will do much to remove some of the WRS points anomalies observed in the non-Pro divisions.

5. The minimum points scale for Bronze level competitions is increased from 120 to 180.
6. For the 2018 competitive season, the top 10 WRS riders in each Amateur division will be moved to Outlaw and the top 3 Outlaws in each WRS division will move to Pro. No change versus 2017.