World Wake Surfing Championship, CWSA Wakesurfing Awards, and WRS Champions

What a weekend for competitive wakesurfing at the 22nd Centurion Boats World Wake Surfing Championship in
​Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada!

This event is always hyped as the best of the best in the World, and boy did this event deliver! From the Juniors to the
Pros, the level of riding at this event can only be described as spectacular, never seen before, and awesome!  A new crop of World Champions were crowned.  Mother nature cooperated, with pristine air and water conditions pretty much for
the whole event.

116 athletes from the USA, Austria, Canada, France, Japan, Peru, Russia, South Korea, Switzerland and the United
Kingdom threw down the best riding seen this season.  The invited riders were filtered by 28 competitive events this
season to bring together the best of the best for this Championship.

The LCQ event format for Pros and Outlaws delivered a level of competition and drama never seen before.

The Pro Male Skim LCQ was on fire, with Jake Caster and Legend Dominic Lagace grabbing the last two finals spots in
Friday’s LCQ.   Caster went on to win that division with an on fire run that included a ‘Hail Mary’ – a backside 360
body varial on the top followed by a 360!  Multiyear World Champion Keenan Flegel took the second step with
a variety packed and intense run, and John Akerman whipped out a ‘Lovett roll’ at the end of his run to grab third.

For the Pro Male Surf LCQ, Connor Burns and Jake Breedlove threw down and got the last 2 spots, leaving Caster,
Montgomery, Sparling and Clement to ride the beach for Finals in this division.  In Finals, Keenan Flegel proved why he is
a multi-year World Champion, taking back his title once again.  Aaron Witherell was second, and Noah Flegel delivered a
solid third place run.

In Pro Female Skim Jodi Grassman crushed her Final’s run to take her first World title, with Canadian and 2015 Champion Caro Villenueve in second.  Alberta’s Brittney Nyrose grabbed her first Pro World’s podium with the third.

The Pro Female Surf division has been very strong in recent years, and it’s just getting more competitive.  Texan
Ashley Kidd was able to hold the pack at bay, throwing a clean, powerful and smooth final run with a grabbbed
and stalled air reverse and a stalled air 180 with a shuv out to take her 4th World title​.  Lake Oroville’s
Allison Sos landed a switch shuv at the end of her run to capture second, and Georgia’s Jordan Wolfe took the third.

And as if all that Pro riding excitement was not enough, there were 13 other divisions on this bonfire!

Outlaw Drew Drennan, undefeated this season until this event, did not make Finals in the first round.  In the Outlaw Skim LCQ, Drennan bested Hudson, Watkins, Ulrich and Dorgal for a pass into the final.  In the Surf LCQ, Drennan delivered
with a victory over Lahmer, Wagner, Watkins, Yamada and Woodard.

The Outlaw Male Skim and Surf Finals were intense, with France’s Sebastien Balland grabbing the top spot in both Skim
and Surf.  In Surf, Evan Feierabend was second, with Drennan in third.  For Skim, Drennan was third, and the Englishman Anthony Edwards was second.

For Outlaw Female Skim, the UK’s Jen Edwards became the first European woman to take home a World Championship,
with the win in Skim.  Lake Anna’s Lara Latham was second, and Canadian Nicole Hudson was third.  On the surf side,
Canada’s Lily Anderson capped off an undefeated season in Surf with the win, with Californian Korinn Woodard in
second, and Nicole Hudson picking up another podium on the third step.

The Amateurs delivered great runs, with Canada’s Sara Tallon winning the Female Skim, and taking second in Surf.  Lake
Anna’s Christanny Harler grabbed second in Skim, with Sydney Spicer grabbing third.  Canadian Bailey Rush was on the
top step for the women in Surf, and the Lower Mainland’s Jamee May was in the show position.

For the Amateur men, Michigan’s Nick Parros took first, with Idaho’s Adam Wheeler in second and Virginia’s Andy Latham
in third.  For surf, it was the hometown favorite Canadian Stephen Hammell on the the first step, with Arizona’s Dylan
Ayala in second and Texan Perry Morrison in third.

The Masters division was awesome this year.  For the women, in Surf it was all USA with Seattle’s Jen Turnbull capping off an undefeated season with the win.  Arizona’s Kelly Marsh was second, and Washington State’s Dawn Hooks finished
third.  On the the Skim side Canada answered with a hat trick of their own:  Tracy Wright, Susan Halford,  and Carly
Newell, in that order.

In Men’s skim, Lake Okanagan’s Ricky Edmonds delivered a run that would have been the winner in the Outlaw division at many events this season, and the Minnesotan Eric Grindland was nipping at Edmond’s heels for the second.  Todd
Witherell made sure he took home that third place hardware to add to his collection.

Masters surf saw Mike Viland do a fly-by to land on the top step, with Peru’s Kelley De Rivero in second and Californian
Rob Harrington in third.

Not to to be outdone by the mature folks, the Juniors came out of the gates swinging!  Canada’s Ryder Ducek’s took first
with a finals run that included not 1, but 2, 180 shuvs, and a credible switch front big spin attempt!  Wow, just boggles the mind to imagine what that kid is gonna show us in a few short years.  On the second step was Arizona’s Rylee Steffen,
with Canada’s Montanna Rousselle rounding out the podium.

Check out the video from this event on the CWSA website homepage.  For complete Official results for all three days
of this ​awesome event, click here.

Not only did Centurion Boats do a great job with the event, but the Awards Ceremony following the event was top self
​as well.  And the CWSA presented its 2017 Wakesurfing Awards.

CWSA members, we hear you! This year for the first time all CWSA Awards except the Legend Award were determined by you, the CWSA members.  Thank you all for nominating and thank you all for voting to select the winners.  So if you were
not present at WWSC 2017, go check out your 2017 CWSA Wakesurfing Award Winners, and the 2017 WRS Champions.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Sparling for being our emcees for the CWSA Awards.

Let’s all give a huge THANK YOU to Centurion Boats, who makes this World Class event possible year after year, and for
their continued support of competitive wakesurfing!  And a special shout out to Shell Buchner, Amy Mauzy and
Paul Singer.

Finally, a big thank you to the voices of the 2017 World Wake Surfing Championship: Sean Cummings, Phil Wilson and
Andy Drennan.  And thanks to the gentleman with the bionic bifocals, Co-Head Judge Jeff Walker, Head Judge Mike Viland and the army of volunteers, judges, scribes, jetski drivers, boat drivers, data entry folks who made this event happen so

Big things are coming from the CWSA for the 2018 competitive wakesurfing season, so stay tuned!