2018 World Wake Surfing Championship

Ogden Valley, Utah, United States

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World Series of Wake Surfing

Wakesurfing Events Sanctioned by The Competitive Wake Surf Association

For 6 years, the CWSA has been putting on wakesurfing events around the world.

We have the best and most athletes in the world along with the most events. Our experience sanctioning events is 2nd to none with proven event formats, and a World Ranking System that ranks athletes in their division against each other. With 17 different divisions to compete and be ranked in, everyone has a shot to make it to the one and only World Wake Surfing Championship. Held every year, the WWSC is the biggest, most prestigious, and longest consecutive wakesurfing event held in the world. An athlete may only be invited based off of strict requirements determined by The CWSA every year.

Our organization is always looking to expand the sport, especially at the grassroots level, please let us know if you would like to see an event near you or if you are interested in organizing an event by filling out the appropriate information below.

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