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What is the World Ranking System?

The Wakesurfing World Ranking System (WRS) is designed specifically to rank athletes against each other throughout the world.

The current form of this system began development in 2015 and is a variable, partially cumulative, weighted average of an athlete's BEST 3 or 4 wakesurf contest finishes.  It is designed to approximate an athlete's relative position in a division for all contests participating in the WRS.

It is variable, and partially cumulative because during the competition year, prior to each year’s final calculation, the athlete’s current score may consist of current and previous year contest finish results.

It is also variable as the points earned for finish rank are not fixed, but rather depend on the average of the top three athletes in the Division at the event in which the points are earned.

The previous year finish component of an athlete score is weighted by a calibration at the end of the year.  Additionally, individual current year score values may be weighted based on the athlete’s finish rank order at a specific competition depending on the event level.

At the beginning of each evaluation period, the weight of the previous year’s results is proportionally higher, and its impact on the athletes current score diminishes as more contest results in the current evaluation period are obtained by the athlete.

Each athlete who finishes a competition event without disqualification earns points based on their ranking, so long as there are minimum of 3 athletes in that Division. Points are used to rank athletes internationally on each of CWSA World Ranking Lists.

The World Ranking List (WRL) is the listing of the athletes and their associated values as calculated by the WRS at various points in time.

This allows wakesurfing athletes to compare their performance against the performance of other athletes in their Division in other parts of the globe whom they may not compete against directly.

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